About Our Magnet Program

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THE FRANCES S. TUCKER ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE MAGNET offers its kindergarten through fifth grade students an innovative opportunity to work with environmentalists, create ecosystems such as Native Gardens, plant and maintain an organic community vegetable garden and actively learn that individual actions matter and they can make a positive change in the world. This student centered, hands on program provides exploration, discovery, collaboration, active investigation and authentic experiences leading to deeper understandings. The Frances S. Tucker Environmental Science Magnet develops intellectually curious “lifelong learners” who will become stewards of the environment.


What is Environmental Science?

Environmental Science is the study of human interactions with their environment and how they relate to the natural world. 

Why Environmental Science?

We strongly feel that students and our community should be made aware of the changing world around them and recognize that the environmental sciences are relevant and essential. This is a defining moment in history and as citizens of the world, will have the opportunity to impact our communities and the future of our planet. 

What are some of the topics and/or challenges?

Adaptability, sustainability (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle), protection of natural resources, conservation, protection of habitats, management of air and water quality, infectious disease, pollution, climate change, soil contamination and pollution.